vendor inquiries

Thank you for your interest in our Market!

Please familiarize yourself with our basic requirements and visit for more information on applying.

Basic Requirements:

  • FARMS: We prioritize farms that are within 150 miles of the Markets and that are committed to sustainable agriculture, fair labor practices, and the humane treatment of animals.
  • PREPARED FOOD/BAKED GOODS: All prepared foods and baked goods are required to be produced by the seller and feature locally grown ingredients when appropriate. At least one item sold must contain at a locally-sourced ingredient (sourced from a producer within 150 miles of the Market) and CANNOT contain synthetic food coloring or flavors, GMO ingredients, high fructose corn-syrup, or trans-fat.
  • ZERO WASTE: In the face of an ever worsening man-made climate crisis, we are working to be part of the solution by eliminating waste at the Market. We do not allow plastic bags or styrofoam and all packaging must be compostable or recyclable. Plastic coated hot cups, plastic coated plates, trays, or boats, single-use plastic cups, plastic utensils, plastic lids, plastic stir sticks, plastic straws, etc. are not allowed.
  • CRAFTS & WELLNESS PRODUCTS: On a very limited basis, we invite vendors who utilize local materials and/or make products to be used in the production, display, or consumption of food, i.e. cutting boards, knives, etc.
  • MISC: We do not accept vendors who sell pet food or multi-level marketing products.
  • COVID-19 SAFETY: Our markets are currently operating with strict health precautions. Vendors are required to properly wear effective face masks, maintain social-distancing in their tents, and abide by other public health protocols.