Beautiful heirloom tomatoes from Berry Brook, Stoneberry, & Madura are hitting the Market with their gorgeous hues of yellow, red, orange, and purple and their gnarled, mis-shapened exteriors. While they have a shorter shelf life and are much more difficult to grow, the richness of their flavor makes all the labor to bring them to Market worth it. Don’t be put off by the crazy shapes or cracked skin — misfits make for great meals! You don’t need to add much to these fruits to make a great salad — quality olive oil, sea salt, fresh herbs and you are done. Here’s a recipe for a simple heirloom tomato salad.

Made in Irvington…come and support local food artisan Ashley Nilsson of Tex@NY Salsa by picking up a jar (or two or four) of her incredible handcrafted salsa. While it pairs perfectly with chips (obviously), be creative with it — t’s so much better than what you get in from your grocery delivery service. Dabble a little on fish tacos, use it to garnish your morning eggs, or spread it on avocado toast for a spicy midday snack.

Matt, of Ready Set Knife Sharpening visits to give a little TLC to whatever blades you’ve dulled this season — knives, lawn mowers, scissors, etc. He’s fast and affordable — he’ll sharpen most things by the time you finish with your Market shop and will leave enough money in your pocket to splurge on a Dough Nation lemon pie pizza!

In the Music tent: Milton

In the Community Tent: It’s a packed Community Tent this Sunday with three community groups sharing space to bring awareness to a variety of important issues. Dru Choksi will be selling carnations to raise funds for Young Survival a breast cancer foundation that supports young cancer patients. Greenburgh Nature Center are also on hand, along with Molly Rodriguez of the Dobbs Ferry Food Pantry. Please stop by and meet these wonderful folks.

Please remember summer months can be uncomfortable also for pets, the pavement can be very hot on those days for dog paws! Here is a guide on how to keep them safe before heading outdoors.