Tomatoes, corn, melon and eggplant: It’s mid-August at the Irvington Farmers Market! Summer is slipping away; invite friends over for dinner this week!

I swore to myself that I would try and get this e-blast out earlier today. But a dear friend who is moving back to Sweden for good is coming over for dinner in, well, just a few minutes and I’ve spent the last few hours preparing. I really wanted to give her a true farmers market sendoff.
My daughters, Mina, 8, and Sabine, 7, offered to help with the chopping  because there was a lot of chopping. In the last stretch, I kept saying that I had to tear myself away from the kitchen so that I could write  but that I wasn’t sure what to write about this week and there was still so much to do before said friend arrived!
In all her wisdom, Mina looked at me with a cocked eyebrow and a sprig of mint in hand, and said: “Mom, this is a farmers market dinner from beginning to end…Why don’t you write about that?”
So here goes, my menu for tonight:

chilled cucumber gazpacho made with yogurt (and a hit of jalapeno)

Panzanella Salad from

Lamb Burgers from Saveur Magazine
(mixed with spices, mint and parsley) and topped with feta, arugula black olives and sun-dried tomato paste (from Picklelicious!)

medley of different eggplant varieties (Japanese, white, baby…) baked with olive oil, salt and lemon
(my mom)

Plum Cobbler with a hint of candied ginger and Johnny Gelato Vanilla Bean ice cream

Hope you get inspired to shop the market tomorrow and cook for a, or some, dear friends…
Gotta run…doorbell’s ringing!

See you at the market!