The first summer corn & free mat Pilates

Nothing says “summer” quite like corn on the cob and now that Dan Madura Farms is bringing it to Market, we can declare that we are officially in the season! Sweet corn, the kind you find at Market, is completely different than the inedible, commercially produced field corn of high-fructose corn syrup fame. Sweet corn is grown more sustainably and is significantly more nutritious—that’s why it has been a staple in the diet of indigenous people throughout the Americas for thousands of years. Try roasting corn —husks and all—on the grill to char the kernels a bit. Scrape the charred kernels off the cob and use it in this roasted corn and black bean salad.

Thinking of something a bit more “meatier”?
Head to Pura Vida for local scallops and give this recipe a go.

Stone fruit is also making its way to Market. Wrights Farm is bringing apricots and plums, in addition to their blueberries. While we miss the strawberries, we can’t wait to whip up some stone fruit cobblers and pies!

In the Community Tent:
Empire Clean Cities, and Greater Irvington Land Trust’s Pollinator Pathway Project.

In the Music tent: Jody Cole from 9 to 10:30am & Vicente Saavedra from 11am to 1pm