The berries are here!

Wrights Farm has strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries They might even sneak in a box or two of blackberries. We’ve learned from Sweethearth that parfaits can be dairy-free and delicious, especially if it features ripe fruit at the peak of its season. And while nothing can compare with Sweethearth’s handcrafted coconut and oat-milk yogurt, you can make vegan parfaits at home: just layer your favorite dairy=free yogurt, Wright’s berry marmalade, granola, and mix of berries for a quick & easy breakfast.

Thinking dinner? Head to Berry Brook Farm for grilling vegetables, especially zucchini for this Smitten Kitchen recipe that has you grill the zucchini before you mix it with the white bean pesto. While you might be inclined to forgo the extra step of grilling the zucchini—it’s hot outside!—don’t. Grilling adds a depth and smoke that pairs beautifully with the crispness of the pesto. If you end up making it, snap a pic, upload it to Instagram, and tag us!

Round out your dinner with some gluten-free garlic knots from Bohemian Baked. Or maybe pickup a dessert-try the brownie topped with Penny Lick vanilla!

In the Community Tent: Randee Ginsberg from Hudson Valley Singers. Dandelion Geothermal will also be with us to share the benefits of geothermal heating and cooling systems in our homes.

In the Music tent: Peter Calo performs on Sunday. He has produced many recordings including Carly Simon’s release, “Never Been Gone” and recently released, “Time Machine” which has gone #9 Top Album on the Top 50 Alternative Album Chart With the single “Don’t Ever Go Away”.

Sign up is now live for next week’s Mat Class at the Market. This free pilates class is graciously offered by Club Pilates of Ardsley. No need to bring a mat but do sign up early as there are only 10 spots .