Poultry, pork and pizza

Our shoppers must really like pork and poultry because our weekly vendor Majestic Farm has run out! They won’t be at the Market this Sunday because their stock has been depleted. They’ll be back next week with more, but in the meantime you’ll still be able to get your spatchocked chickens and bacon. Drew, of FarmEats, has graciously agreed to bring pork and poultry to the Market to fill-in for Majestic. He source his meat from Sweet Tree Farm in Carlisle New York, about a three hour drive north.

One of the beautiful things about farmers’ markets are the collaborations and the cross-pollination that occurs between farmers and food artisans. Dough Nation Pizza truck exemplifies this bond, crafting a weekly Market pie every Sunday with what’s available. Rob will peruse the Market during setup and create a pie inspired by what’s in season. It takes a true master to consistently craft new pizzas on the cuff. One week it can be grilled peaches drizzled with a balsamic reduction and the next it can be heirloom tomatoes with a Jersey Girl cheese. Can’t wait to see what he comes up with this Sunday.

Maybe he’ll use some sweet corn from Dan Madura Farms? Even if none end up on your pizza, it should definitely end up on your grill! Don’t know how to grill corn? Here’s a handy tutorial and video from Bon Appetit. Want to adorn your corn with something other than butter? Try one of these toppings. See you at the Market!