2020 market season

Dear shoppers,
We are so very happy to announce that the Irvington Farmer's Market will return to its "home" base, Main Street School parking lot (101 Main St, Irvington, NY)
We will re-open as a walk-in market, allowing only a certain number of shoppers in at a time. The first hour of the market will be reserved for the elderly and immunocompromised. From 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. the market will be open to the general public.
We understand that some shoppers are not comfortable shopping inside the market and would prefer a curbside pickup. For these shoppers, we will be setting up a table outside of the market where they can pick up their orders from up to five vendors. All orders must be pre-paid. Please tell the vendor you are ordering from that you will be using the curbside/express service so that we may aggregate your orders for you. Please use the same name for all orders. We look forward to seeing all of you on Sunday! All vendors and shoppers must wear a mask.

See you at the Market!

Safety Protocols

We are so grateful to be considered an "essential" business during these stressful times so that we can bring you fresh food grown and produced locally.

Please understand that we must follow strict safety protocols in order to stay open. Your shopping experience will be different than in seasons past. We appreciate your patience, understanding and cooperation.

1. The first 30 minutes will be reserved for shoppers who are over 65 and/or whose immune system is compromised.
2. All vendors and shoppers must wear masks, or face coverings, at all times.
3. Vendors' tents will be spaced at least 10 feet apart.
4. Shoppers will not be allowed to touch any produce (sorry, you can't pick your own apples or onions) and most items will be pre-bagged.
5. To minimize cash transactions we prefer shoppers pay by credit card or Venmo. If you must pay by cash, please try to pay the exact amount so that it can be dropped in a vendor's "cash" box.
6. No sampling, period.
7. As much as we hate to say it, during this crisis, we are discouraging the use of reusable produce bags and are encouraging single-use plastic bags.
8. Vendors handling non-frozen foods, or foods that are not packaged or bottled are required to have a second pair of hands at their stall to handle payment transactions.
9. To encourage surgical shopping we ask that shoppers pre-order as much as possible.
10. For the duration of the pandemic, we will not provide any musical entertainment or offer cafe seating at the market. All prepared food must be purchased "to go."

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