October 7th Market News


Anthi’s Greek Food
Arlotta Food Studio
Berry Brook Farm
Bien Cuit
Big Bang Coffee Roasters
Bohemian Baked
Dacha Fermented Veggies
Dough Nation Pizza Truck
Dr. Pickle
Joe Tomato Mozzarella
Lime Kiln Farm
Madura Farms
Nutmeg Cafe
Penny Lick Ice Cream Company
Pura Vida Fisheries
Ready Set Knife Sharpener
Southtown Farms
Spoon Me Soups
Stone & Thistle Farm
True Food
Wave Hill Breads
Wrights Farm

WHAT TO GET AT THE MARKETPotato knishes from Dacha Fermented Veggies

Sheila Bober handcrafts her knishes with the same love and attention as she applies to her probiotic-rich krauts , pickles, and seasonal fermented vegetables. The knish might not have the same street cred as the bagel or bialy but not for lack of flavor. It’s the quintessential comfort food, making it’s way west from Russia and Ukraine in the hearts and ovens of Jewish immigrants.  Headed out the door with no breakfast? Grab a knish and enjoy on the way to work or school.“Baby” ginger root from Berry Brook Farm
Harvested before the root develops the tough, outer skin we are used to seeing, “baby ginger” has a milder flavor and is often found with it’s stalks and leaves attached. Don’t throw those out! The leaves can be boiled for a refreshing and medicinal tea and the stalks can be added to broths and stocks. The root can be frozen for up to a year. Want to know more about the ginger renaissance among small, organic farms in the US? Read this great NPR piece.

Matcha green tea from teagevity
While some might think matcha is a fad or gimmick it has been cultivated in Japan for hundreds of years. It comes from the same plant as green tea but is covered for 30 days before harvest to increase chlorophyll production. It’s then ground into a fine powder which is added to hot water to make tea. The health benefits are many; studies show it boosts brain function, helps prevent cancer, and has been shown to support weight loss. It’s also a cozy drink for a crisp fall day!

Mishkan Ha’am Reconstructionist is in the Community Tent and Ash Straw and Greg Adams play in the Music Tent.

See you at the Market!