October 6th, 2019

Majestic Farm is taking another break this Sunday but don’t worry — we have another sustainable meat rancher filling-in. R&M Farms is returning for a guest appearance with fully stocked coolers of pork and chicken. In addition to their popular chicken bacon, they’re featuring the following speciality sausages: apple maple patties, kielbasa, broccoli, cheddar, & asiago, and chipotle bacon with pepper-jack. They’ll also have pork chops (great for the slow cooker-use Wrights apple cider and fresh rosemary) chicken wings, and eggs.

Are weeknight dinners causing a sense of dread and panic? Don’t despair- Asian Farmer Dumpling is back with frozen chicken, pork, and vegetable dumplings. All are made with local ingredients by former farmer Michael Zhu, using authentic recipes from his native China. They’re easy to make — pan fry in a neutral oil for a few minutes before adding a bit of water and a lid to steam them. Add a salad or some reheated roasted vegetables and you have yourself a nutritious meal in minutes!

Mark the turn of weather (finally!) with an inaugural squash roast! Pick up a Berry Brook Farm organic butternut squash along with red onions, garlic, and cherry tomatoes for an easy, one-sheet dinner. Toss the produce with olive oil from Kontoulis, a little salt and pepper, capers, and olives from Dr. Pickle. An uncomplicated meal with the added bonus of a warm kitchen and autumn aromas wafting through your house!