October 13th, 2019

The rainy, chilly weather this week had our tea kettles working overtime. If the same is true for you, a visit to Teagevity’s “teaosk” is in order to restock your depleted inventory. Preston handcrafts unique tea blends that are often designed with wellness in mind. We’re big fans of his turmeric chai — not only for its taste but also for help in soothing aching muscles. This time of year we use his elderberry tea to ward off colds and his evening elixir to warm up and wind down after a long day. He sells whole-leaf tea, ready-to-drink, and tea gear to get your tea game right. He’s also a wealth of tea knowledge and will give you the insider advice on the right “hot” temperature for each kind of tea (spoiler alert: white teas require less heat and herbals require the hottest water temperature you can muster.)

Aditi of Calcutta Kitchens is debuting a brand new chutney at the Market this Sunday…cilantro chutney! It has a vibrant green color and savory, explosive flavor. Use it drizzled on rice, heaped on roasted vegetables, or used as a marinade for chicken. You can also use it as a sandwich spread or a finishing garnish for steaks, particularly if you like a blast of heat on your meat.

If you can’t manage a trip to the pumpkin patch, head to Dan Madura Farms tent for all of your pumpkin decorating or baking needs. Dan grows them himself and sometimes enlists the help of his granddaughter to pick them for Market. She’s pictured above. Fun fact: She’s also our beloved Rashaun’s daughter! Rashaun grew up in the Bronx but decamped for the country when he met Dan’s daughter Kimberly. The farm has always been, and continues to be, a family affair!