Market News-September 15th

Ground cherries are here! Stoneberry Farm has a limited run of them. They are also referred to as husk cherries. These sweet, small pale orange fruits are wrapped in a paper-like husk, hence their name. In the nightshade family, hey are distantly related to tomatoes and more closely to tomatillos, with a unique flavor mildly reminiscent of pineapples. You can add them to morning parfaits or smoothies, adorn pies with them, or add them to salads. For more recipe ideas, see this roundup from The Kitchn.

Fresh off her presence at the Rivertown Public MarketSprig Flower Truck joins us with gorgeous local blooms in an array of autumnal colors. From field to vase, her flowers support our regional agriculture all while brightening your homes and tables. Did you know Dana is also available for private events and photo shoots? Who wouldn’t want a restored 1950’s pickup truck blooming with gorgeous flowers at their fall fair or wedding!

The fall often brings out the germs…kids and adults are spending more time indoors, which means more contact with pesky microbes that cause the common cold. Fortify your immune system by eating pickled vegetables, like dill pickles from Dr. Pickle. A few bites a day can flood your gut with healthy probiotics, which in turn boost your overall immunity. Not into dill? Ask for samples from their extensive line of pickled produce-they are more than happy to oblige! 

In the Music Tent: Neil Nathan performs 10:30aa-12:30pm.
In the Community Tent: Irvington PTSA Spiritwear and the Greenburgh Nature Center Also, Irvington resident Marion Burch has a collection box for gently used bras and reading glasses, which she will distribute via Bras for Baliduring her upcoming trip. 

See you at the Market!