Welcome to July, where strawberries have given way to cherries. If you have any left after snacking your way through the market, they make easy and refreshing ice pops; just pit them, blend with sugar or agave nectar, and freeze. Sour cherries—or baking cherries—are also to be had at the market, and they’re a real find! Despite their name, they’re sweet enough to eat right out of the container, too.

Summer also means grilling, and new vendor Kimchi Culture has the perfect marinated meat to throw on the BBQ for a dinner ready in no time. Their kalbi beef is marinated in a blend of Korean flavors and takes minutes to cook. Make sure to top it was some kimchi and pair with their scallion pancakes. Don’t forget to add a salad. Start with salanova from Climax and then perhaps some fennel or baby carrots.

See you there!