Japanese flavors, cultured butter, and more

Masaki and Yukimi Momose of MOMO Dressing have been bringing an unexpected taste of Japan, via Brooklyn, to the Rivertowns for a few years now, not once wavering in their commitment to us despite their rising star status in the NYC food scene. It’s that dedication and loyalty that has led to their success. Lauded by magazine critics and market shoppers alike, their salad dressings, edamame dips, and confitures are as delicious as they are simple. Made with the freshest ingredients possible, and local when available, MOMO’s concoctions introduce Nipponese cuisine novices to flavors and dishes that don’t appear on American sushi restaurant menus. Stop by and chat them up- they are incredibly kind and generous, particularly with recipes and product pairing suggestions, like eating a Pura VIda scallop raw with a dollop of their yuzu jalapeño dressing.

Valley Shepherd Creamery has had their star cemented in the farmers’ market circuit for a long time now, and not just for their breathtaking array of handcrafted cheeses. They make cultured butter that is more local, and tastes a whole better (in our opinion) than the supermarket one that comes wrapped in gold. Cultured butter is made by adding live bacteria to the cream before churning and has a fat content of at least 82%, which translates into a higher smoke point and a more tender baking crust. Don’t think there is a difference between cultured and regular butter? We respectfully disagree.  Pick some up at the market and see for yourself.

Found Herbal is back with the full line of natural apothecary. As the cold weather descends we spend more time indoors and in closer contact with germs. Stave them off with Jessica’s elderberry elixir.

Local student Ella Roth performs the early set and Greg Adams closes the market out. Kumon of Dobbs Ferry will be at the community tent to discuss their tutoring and enrichment services.

See you at the market!