January 25th, 2020

Thank you, shoppers, for accommodating our day switch last market.
This Saturday, you can expect a packed house of vendors with a few special guests, too:
Kimchi Kooks will be joining us, cooking up some sizzling, airy scallion/squash “pancakes” made with rice flour and to order. Top with their tangy hot sauce or soy sauce, and eat with a side of their seasonal farm-style kimchi.

Are you on a Kombucha kick? Champagne OM Tea is also visiting. Kombucha fans swear by their bright and healthful ginger turmeric flavor. Their Kombuchas come in fetching full-size bottles so they are perfect to bring to a dinner party as a wine or Champagne alternative.

Rain and sleet are in the forecast this weekend so make sure to pick up some hearty soups from Spoon Me Soups and /or broths (beef, mushroom, chicken) from Two Birds Provisions. Their beef broth is a must for any favorite beef stew recipe.

Needing a little “sunbeam” in your cooking to brighten up these wintry days?
Bon Appetit suggests making piccata sauce for just about everything from winter squash and greens to meats and pasta.

Valentine’s Day is approaching and Luxx Chocolat has you covered.
Award-winning Chocolatier Lisa Mecray is bringing Hot Choxx hot chocolate, salted caramel bars, super-food bark bars and, bourbon dulce de leche. Her ingredients are organic and fair-trade, natch.

And, the Orchards of Concklin have returned from holiday to bring you local apples for baking, pie-making or eating gout of hand.

See you at the market!