Fall Flavors

The First Mess butternut squash pasta

The warm weather this weekend may feel more summer than fall, but rest assured autumn-and its’ flavors
are upon us. We’re in that sweet spot of the season that bridges two seasons: we have tomatoes and corn, perhaps even some berries or stone fruit left side-by-side with early apples, squash, and brussel sprouts. Here is a perfect fall recipe that gives Berry Brook Farm’s honey  nut squash the shine it deserves: Butternut orecchiette pasta with arugula. 

Another fall favorite are ground cherries. Not many farmers cultivate them but fortunately for us Deep Roots Farm does. This American native is related to tomatillos and tomatoes and grows in a papery husk. When the husk turn translucent and becomes brittle, you know it’s time to pop one in your mouth. It tastes like a miniature pineapple exploded in your mouth!

Need another kind of explosion in your mouth-the kind to get you through the hectic school and work week? Head to Big Bang for beans-they have just partnered  with   Cafe Feminino, an all-female coffee collective from Mexico and Guatemala to bring you coffee with a conscience.

Jody Cole performs at 11.

See you at the market!


Vendor List (subject to change)

Anthi’s Greek Food
Arlotta Food Studio
Asian Farmer Dumpling
Berry Brook Farm
Bien Cuit
Big Bang Coffee Roasters
Climax Cooperative
Dan Madura Farm
Deep Roots Farm NY
Dr. Pickle
Dough Nation Pizza Truck
Found Herbal
Joe Tomatoe Mozzarella
MOMO dressing
Nutmeg/ What’s For Dessert?
Penny Lick Ice Cream Company
Pie Lady & Son
Pura Vida Fisheries
Southtown Farms
Stone & Thistle Farm
True Food
Valley Shepherd Creamery
Wave Hill Breads
Wrights Farm