Think gills for the grill. And gluten-free NEVER tasted so good.

Hamburgers. Hot dogs. Been there. Done that.
With all the great fish available to us at the Pura Vida fish stand, it’s a shame not to experiment with different types of fish on the barbecue.
Intimidated?  Check out this primer on grilling fish
– whole and fillets.
We  typically tend to go with the meatier fish like tuna and sword for the grill, because they just seem, well, safer.
But barbecuing does wonders for smoky, flavorful fish like mackerel, sardines and striped bass which have all been looking beautiful at the market in recent weeks.
Here’s a

Once you’ve tasted crisp, charred sardines , especially with a side of grilled tomatoes and potatoes- you’ll wonder what took you so long.

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But there is no reason you can’t substitute the mangoes with summer sweet nectarines from Wright’s Farm to make it both seasonal and local.
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Cyndi Bothwell the baker and founder of Nutmeg (formerly known as What’s for Dessert) is taking a well-deserved vacation this weekend.
Do you think we’d leave you sweet-less?
Can’t tell you how excited I am that Sweetness, a gluten/grain free baker at the Chappaqua Farmer’s Market. is filling in.  Lisa  Ciraldo specializes in nut-based cookies and donuts. Her milk chocolate almond and dark chocolate pistachio macaroons were the hit of the Farmer’s Market in Steamboat Springs, CO. where she was living the last 20 years before returning to her native Westchester. Alos popular: her nut-based donuts: cinnamon sugar, chocolate glazed, chocolate glazed with coconut, etc.
Also, a sweet reminder that the Chocolate Buckwheat Cookies from Bien Cuit are a great little treat to enjoy at the market, or to take home to share with friends & family.  The chocolate buckwheat cookies are a perfect blend of sweet and salty, with the nutty flavor of buckwheat flour.  Their texture is rich, creamy; with a melt-on-the-tongue effect of the pairing of butter, sugar and buckwheat.  Spotted with chocolate chips and with a sprinkling of powdered sugar and coarse salt, it’s a bite sized treat that is complex and yet perfect for all ages.  
​See you at the market!​

Music this week: Greg Jacquin followed by Fred Gillen Jr.