August 26, 2018 Market News

Hard to believe summer is coming to an end.  We have been fortunate with bumper harvests of tomatoes, peaches, corn, and other “sexy” produce whose arrival we anxiously await. But let’s not overlook some of the crops that may not scream “summer” but whose taste are at the peak in August, like the humble beet.

Beets are often an after-thought. Rarely are they the reason you rush to the market, though they should be. Beets are full of sugar and geosmin—a compound that gives them their distinctive “earthy flavor.” They are also brimming with vital nutrients that can lower your blood pressure and improve athletic performance. And don’t forget about the beet greens! As nutritious as spinach, the greens can be par-boiled and sautéed like Swiss chard.

Try roasting Madura’s beets with Kontoulis olive oil and salt. Then toss them with salad greens from Climax Cooperative Farm,  corn from Wrights, and goat cheese from Lime Kiln. Top it off with grilled salmon or mushrooms and you have a hearty lunch or dinner.

While you’re picking up your ingredients, make sure to grab a pie from Dough Nation—we like the market pie with an egg cracked on top. It’s best enjoyed while listening to the sounds of The Levins.

The Irvington Historical Society and the Hudson Valley Singers will visit. Stop by the Community Tent to meet them.

See you at the market!


Vendor List (subject to change)
Today’s vendors…
Anthis Greek Specialties
Berry Brook Farm
Bien Cuit Breads
Big Bang Coffee
Climax Cooperative Farm
Dough Nation Pizza Truck
Doc Pickle
Farm Eats
Joe Tomato Mozzarella
Kontoulis Olive Oil
Lime Kiln Farm
Madura Farms
McGrath Cheese Co.
Penny Lick Ice Cream
Pura Vida Fisheries
Southtown Farms
Stone & Thistle Farm
True Food
Wave Hill Breads
Wright’s Farm