February 9th Market News


Tomorrow is the last market before Valentine’s Day and nothing conveys true love more than locally-crafted confections for the ones dearest to you. Luxx Chocolat is bringing boxes of assorted handmade chocolates, hand-painted chocolate bars, and more that will delight all the chocolate lovers in your life. 

Looking for something a little more fruity? How about an apple or mixed  fruit French tart, made by the nuns of the Fraternite du Notre Dame. All proceeds from the sales of their tarts and quiches fund their soup kitchen operations in East Harlem. 

If you foresee an upcoming chocolate overload, grab several boxes of micro greens from Sun Sprout. They are an easy way to get some greens into your diet-throw into a smoothie, top toasts with them, mix into salads, and more. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

See you at the Market!