Dear shoppers,

We are so very happy to announce that the Irvington Farmer’s Market will return to its “home” base, Main Street School parking lot (101 Main St, Irvington, NY)

We will be open as walk-in market for the winter season, allowing only a certain number of shoppers in at a time. From 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. the market will be open to the general public. 

We understand that some shoppers are not comfortable shopping inside the market and would prefer a curbside pickup. For these shoppers, we will be setting up a table outside of the market where they can pick up their orders from up to five vendors. All orders must be pre-paid. Please tell the vendor you are ordering from that you will be using the curbside/express service so that we may aggregate your orders for you. Please use the same name for all orders. We look forward to seeing all of you on Sunday! All vendors and shoppers must wear a mask.

safety protocols

We understand that we have a responsibility to our shoppers, vendors, and community at large to operate in as safely a manner as possible. 

Toward that end, we are requiring that:

1. All vendors AND shoppers must wear masks at all times.

2. We would prefer that one member per family come to shop. However, if you come as a couple or with a relative, please divide and conquer.

4. Shoppers may not touch any produce, bread or other items that are not sealed or packaged. 

5. Shoppers should pre-order and pre-pay as much as possible to cut down their time spent at the market.

6. Shoppers stand six feet apart if a vendor line forms.

7. Vendors (and shoppers) must stay home if they feel ill. 

8. Healthy shoppers shop for their elderly neighbors, friends or relatives.

9. No sampling of any kind, period.

10. Children and mellow dogs are allowed to return to the market. Any child over the age of 2 must be wearing a mask to enter the market.

11. Shoppers waiting to enter the market must stand six feet apart and keep their masks on.

See you at the Market!